How Sharing Is An Important Part of Friendship

ddfEver since human beings first delved into caves for shelter, from both animals and the weather, sharing has been a part of life as we know it. As far back as these cavemen, sharing was used to both promote friendship, and also occasionally to promote survival of the group.

Keep in mind however, that this was back when food was scarce, and involved a large expenditure of energy to acquire, such that should one tribe member have a large amount of food, he could be expected, as a member of the tribe, to share this food with the other members, and in this way prevent the tribe from dying of starvation.

Sharing was also used as a way to secure a mate, by sharing his or her food with another, singular tribe member, that same tribe member would feel indebted towards the provider, while also seeing him as powerful, because not only does he hold the food, he also has the will to share it.

Nowadays though, although in first world countries food is no longer an issue, and does not play such large a part in securing a partner, it is no less important. Even from an early age, children are taught to share between one another, and a selfish child soon is left alone by the other children. It has been statistically proven that children who are kinder, and share more with the other children develop a much more beneficial social life than those that do not. In the workplace, sharing is also important, indeed, many businesses find that sharing of tasks and challenges increases the overall productivity of the business, and generates a larger amount of profit.

Yet, sharing is still used in an everyday environment, not just in the workplace, or in playgroup. Sharing between one and another creates a sense of unity, and bonding between the provider and the receiver. It also creates a sense of mutual trust between the participants, and it has been said for a long time that trust is the first building block of a friendship. For example, if someone was to ask you if they could borrow a small sum of money, if you accepted, you would be placing trust in them that they will eventually return it, and even when you are in need, borrow some money from them. This will eventually create a sense of unity between the participants.

The emotional side of sharing is not to be dismissed either, however. Upon sharing with another individual, many people feel generally happier, and indeed, it has been shown that those who share and are kinder to other human beings live a happier and longer life. This feeling is generally intensified depending on the number of people you are giving to. On the other end, the receiver feels gratitude, and a sense of mutual understanding with the giver. In an already existing friendship, one where unity has developed between the participants, sharing can be a means of either reinforcing the unity between them, ensuring that each feel the same sense of gratitude and unconditional unity remains exactly that; unconditional.

While over time friendships can weaken and decay, this is often the fault of selfishness. When one person strives to reinforce the unity held between the two, only to be brushed away, this person is hurt, and often people who find themselves in that situation cannot understand what they did wrong. After a time, the person who brushed away the giver may eventually come to a period where they can no longer support themselves, and require someone who can help them out. This is where sharing once again makes an appearance, as the giver who was brushed off may again offer a gift, and with it the promise of both a renewed friendship, and also a renewed strength of unity.

It is worth remembering that, sharing is a powerful thing for your wellbeing! It can be used to both create friendship and unity, and to maintain it, and when brushed away is often harmful to both sides of the relationship. Human beings are social creatures by nature, and keeping in good conduct with one another is important, and something that many people spend a lot of hours in doing. Sharing is just one way of accomplishing, and building trust, friendship, and unity.

Free Girls Chat – If You’Re in Search of Dating Partner or a Friend

Adolescence brings curiosity and craving for friends. Teens have their dreamy world with new thoughts and feelings that are completely new and surprising for them. They sick someone’s company for sharing those thoughts and feelings. It is the age when they begin to become more social and responsible.

In one survey, it is said that usually, guys feel lonelier than gals when it comes to school life or social life at the age between 12 to 20 years. In other words, they need a friend or partner for sharing their thoughts in this age.

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Choice matters

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What about gals?

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Interesting features

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How to Succeed Socially and Make New Friends

In certain times in life there are moments and situations that can occur, or else some issues to deal with, that in some circumstances force you to remain lonely or almost with on friends to talk to and share opinions with. Finding yourself in a similar situation is not at all pleasing, since socializing in life is quite important for your overall mental health, relieving stress and depression worries. Many situations can bring you to this, like for example, that you have just split up from quite a long term relationship, and doing so you have in a way neglected old friends, or best friends have moved away from the area due to having found a new job offer in a distant city.
Growing up in life and with time, things simply change, and long-time friends can have other issues to deal with like marriage or career transitions, and so you will need to adapt to certain circumstances that can alter your current lifestyle and force you to develop a new social figure. Many people claim to have difficulty in finding new friends during their adulthood due to a natural decrease from a teen age when you are at school, and when creating friendship is quite easy at that age.
How could you deal with remaining lonely and without friends to communicate with. In order to succeed socially or at least try to have someone that you could rely on for help or for simple friendship, will certainly require you to do something about it, and so just waiting for new friends to come is not an ideal option. Depending on your situation, you need to socialize with possible current contacts, even if slightly known, and start a simple conversation, reminding yourself to look at life in a positive way, strengthening your self-esteem, so the new people you meet will look at you positively and be more interested in your friendship and your company.
Interact the most possible, whether you are at work or in a bar to drink a coffee. You can try joining groups like a gym or an evening class, where you will surely find people being regularly present without the need for you to go around searching for them. Make yourself be likeable to others, as so to make potential friends become stronger and lasting ones. Start new conversations even with a complete stranger and just be friendly, by talking about any particular situation that has occurred in daily news or around in your city.
Once you are able to form a certain friendship, you can try to invite this person to do something together, like going for a drink or hanging out at a popular place. Remember that finding a new friend can potentially bring you other new ones, once he makes you enter his own social circle presenting you to his best friends. Once you have found new friends to hang out with, and you have familiarized with their personalities, and most importantly, that you find these people very interesting, you should go on to building a more and more stronger relationship, by not just inviting them occasionally, but rather being more of a regular and constant friend by calling or hearing from them almost daily.
You are trying to stabilize your new friendship and working to tighten it, as so to build trust and esteem with this group. Now you have finally reached a level in which a new group of friends has accepted in having you as a member of their social circle.
You could feel free to be comfortable with one or two friends, or else if you are good at socializing, want to continue meeting more friends as to expand more your social presence. It all depends on you and your personal desires, based on your attitude and with what you feel comfortable with. So finally just don’t forget to keep friendship valuable and to maintain a healthy communication towards your new friend.

Get a Woman Friend to Become Your Lover

You have a girl friend and you both know each other from a while, but until now you are just good friends sharing opinions, joking around and having a good time together by meeting up once and a while and going on night time to clubs and discos and just enjoying a happy friendship together. Inside yourself you slowly feel that a passion of love is flooding you and you are seriously considering to get away from this €just friends€ to something more passionate and intimate where surely sex is involved. You have the desire of a real transition with this friend to an actual and strong relationship with her. In one way or another you are trying to figure out how you could possibly escape this simple friendship into something more interesting and passionate, but at the moment you are stuck in this current friend zone, and have no idea how to make the best transition possible for you and your friend, obviously hoping that she is also willing to convert you from a friend into a boyfriend or lover.

The point here is that you are thinking of your friend in a way that you are feeling an immense sexual attraction, but obviously you are asking yourself if she feels exactly the same things as you do. By trying to change things into your favour, you consider the fact that you could easily risk losing her forever, with this change in attitude, if she doesn’t consider you anything other than her friend. So you want to be careful and figure out how to do this without ruining your friendship in the process.

First of all you might need to evaluate this friendship better, and simply attempt to demonstrate to her that you are willing to show less interest in her and being absent more than normal. Showing her this, and if she is really interested with you in a more intimate relationship, she will indeed suffer your absence, and will be more willing to have you back. She will then probably consider you more valuable, and if she acts this way, it’s definitely a positive sign that she is feeling some love and desire for you.

In the meantime you are dating this friend, learn to not be too obsessed with her, and so just pretend to be interested in other women by dating others, even just for friendship and maybe this way you will make your somewhat jealous.

In order in to have success with your idea, you will certainly need to change your friend attitudes, like when you are sitting together, give her longer than normal eye contact, or start playing with her hair and caressing them. If suddenly you are out together and looking at shopping mall windows, and while you see something interesting, all of the sudden you take her hand and pull her slightly to your direction to show her what you have seen. These small circumstances quite surely signal a boyfriend trait.

Do not forget that you will have to stop being too nice, even if not all at once, since it is obviously a good quality during a friendship, but unfortunately if you are dealing with passion and sexual attraction, being too nice won’t make you achieve the traits of a seducer, but rather those of a close and intimate friend. You only need to fool around with her and start being a little naughty by flirting and daring to be a seducer that wants passion to fly high, and so make her understand this.

Turning a friend into a girlfriend is almost every man’s desire, since you know your friend quite well, and you both have experienced many pleasant moments together, and so in order to surely succeed with your plan you will surely need to adapt these attitudes that I have described.

Jealousy Rots Friendship

Throughout a person’s life, there are many opportunities for people to expand their social circle. There are people who you just smile to, normal associates, and do not give a second thought to as soon as they leave the room. Only, it’s just a handful of people who enter your inner circle and become real friends.

These joyful people illuminate your life with excessive entertainment. They will come to you whenever you need them. They will hear your non-sense €dramatic’ stories, and give you the best advice and uplift your spirit. They accept you as you are, and are always honest to you.

However, there comes a point in a friendship when one of the best pals feels jealousy. This is the point where your friendship may deteriorate.

The factor of jealousy is inversely proportional to friendship.Jealousy acts as a termite in a friendship. Two friends may have spent loads and loads of time together, but with jealousy in the equation, both friends will move apart indefinitely. The fundamentals, on which true friendship was once built, disappears. Honesty, sincerity, presence (being there) and that special bond between two friends tarnishes.

This jealousy may be the result of things you do every day. It can be your success or something you got. It can be anything. This may result into enviousness,among one of your friends, and destroy everything you and your friend once stood for.

Some people think that jealousy unveils the true face of a person – even if that person is a friend; and that person does not deserve to be their friend.

The right to friendship depends entirely on people themselves as to how they react to the jealous and envious feelings creeping inside. For instance, two friends may start pursuing the same goal (go for the same girl/boy or the same job). In the end, it can be only one person who triumphs. This is where the one of the friends starts to feel jealous and hideous feelings start creeping up inside him/her. And as said earlier, it depends entirely on the person, who loses, how he/she approaches that defeat – whether he/she accepts it as his/her defeat or accepts it as his/her friend’s win.

One should tell their friends either face to face or through phone call that they are proud of their friend and are happy. They should have a positive mental attitude towards their friends to sustain an entertaining and full-of-life friendship, and should flee themselves away from hatred and jealousy.

7 New Tips to Motivate for Acceptance and Practicing of Good Habits

A good habit is very easy to keep, but letting go a bad habit requires heavy determination and some times it seems as a situation. Helping in acceptance and practicing of healthy habits requires plenty of guidance. It also requires a lot of preparation and planning from personal end. In this scenario, leading someone to understand the benefit of being observant in knowing about the benefits and assisting in its acceptance is a big responsibility. It comes with many challenges. But a methodical and systematic approach will certainly yield prospects for a life time. The following are the 7 new motivational tips to change your dear ones to pursue good habits.

1.Motivate by interest vs results

Motivate in a way that a good interest in reading books results in gaining wide array of knowledge. Alternatively state another example, such as keeping a lot of interest in eating too much in a day will result in gaining excess weight. A comparative guide works as an efficient tool for thinking process.

2.Share a tip in whatsapp, viber and SMS

Use SMS, Viber and Whatsapp to convey an effective tip, video, image and sticker that are relevant to a particular habit. Share your messages as often as possible and encourage feedback. It will be an interactive learning line process and leads to quick practice.

3.Cite Case Studies

Consider a medical case and share stories of others who went through a similar situation. Narrate briefly what doctors stated in terms of health point of view. You are distributing medical information and motivating gently and carefully.

4.Quote about side effects with images

Children learn so much from images and it is the same for elders. The fact is, images leave an effect @ 90-100% and results are quite encouraging. If you take the initiative to explain about the side effects of being alcoholic or tobacco smoking with the help of images, you can expect rapid change.

5.Give Steady Focus on alternatives

Whatever is the odd habit; there are few alternatives to it. While smoking is kept away by gummy bears, the habit of alcohol requires a motivational support to accept soft drink / fruit juice. But this is possible on a slow pace. However, it is a good start.

6.Demonstrate positive results of practicing quality habits

With the use of a smart phone, there is so much of scope to gain in terms of leading a healthy life. Share a health app that explains what an ideal menu is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Similarly send an obese app to illustrate what exercises is performed to cut down excess weight. By being creative, you can notice that the person, whom you are trying to motivate towards practicing of healthy habits, is slowly getting interested in watching apps and even takes a leap to go for a change.

7.Give emphasis on accessories

Motivate to go for a morning walk, meditation, timely meals, healthy diet maintenance and so many others. After getting a perfect understanding about daily life style, schedule and interests, start a conversation in that area and begin motivation from that point onwards. It works in an excellent way.

A clear perspective about your dear one is very much necessary. Every aspect of life style are to be closely watched and a careful assessment is made. What are the basic interests, disinterest, likes, dislikes and approvals and rejections are to be learnt to draw a conclusion about the habits in need.

This will give a complete idea about the person and further offers guidance to check your plan and foresee whether you will be successful. To this extent plans must be ready to start implementing. It is followed by examining the results. If a plan is unsuccessful, it is reworked for successful achievement.

So with perfect planning, you can always estimate and expect about in how much time, you can change a person towards adoption of good habits. Daily charts, implementation schedule and forecast of results will help as efficient tools. It will surely produce expected results and the goal is accomplished.

4 Rules to Follow in a New Friendship Row

Friendship is a very valuable relation for all. Making a new friend in school, college, university or at work place is definitely worth as long as both of you are sailing on a smooth relation. A true friend will always standby both in good times and bad situations. In fact it is the responsibility of friendship to build a strong and healthy relationship. Particularly, in getting to know each other’s interests, habits and in many other areas, a true bond is made for a life time.

A new friend must know about you

If it begins with a shake hand or by sharing your notes or by any other virtue, you must let out all about you and must share things honestly and voice your opinion candidly. Because, after all it is stated that conversations, opinions and discussions bring out best person in you. It works and earns a lot of self-respect and self-esteem. But just ensure that you are on the good side always.

Once both of you are together in a new friendship relation, it paves the way to take a long walk together and this is where you need to follow the 4 rules to permanently stay in your alliance.

Never boast about yourself or works
Understand and be very sensitive in your relation. Exaggerating on your performance or talking more excessively about yourself, will never do any good to your friend, but rather, it brings down the confidence level and soon you may stand at the risk of losing your new friend.
Stay on the side to give always
Take an extra walk to help and never miss an opportunity to convey your greetings / gifts on an important occasion. They convey a lot more about you as it is often stated, actions speak better than words. So let your actions say more about your goodness and always lend a helping hand as it remains as an unforgettable memory. In this mode, on a steady pace, both of you lead a long-lasting peaceful companionship.
Enjoy the presence of being together
Never be harsh or hard in your communication. Instead, pick to choose a cordial talk where you can give more details or explain more about an issue or a situation. Share chocolates, sweets, go for a meal to a restaurant or share books or watch movies together. Be agreeable and never make arguments.
Be helpful and kind at heart
By being good and kind at heart, you are actually endorsing the art of being nice to others always. That will impress a lot and it promotes you to win many more new friends. Money has a very minor role to play here whereas all that matters is how much you are sharing and how meritorious person you are to bestow.
As you are successful in winning a new friend, you are half-way through to win more friends. It works perfect for you as you have already gained expertise in saving a relation with new friend.

5 Tips To Make People Love You Instantly

Believe me or not, nothing beats making yourself lovable. Lovable in the sense that you belong to the small group of people in the world that don’t need to try so hard to be loved by the people around them. Before now you should have noticed a small number of people from this category of human beings around you. You have either had an encounter with them knowingly or unknowingly but after the encounter you feel like, an angel has just visited you. They are the center of attraction, they walk with confidence, they are wise and intelligent, and they are angelic and very rare to find in this our world that is full of greedy and evil men.
Everybody want to be like them but at the long run they give up because they find out that making oneself lovable is more than just what they initial think it was.

How would you like to be among this group of individuals? Won’t you like to be among the small fraction of this angels on earth? Let me tell you, even if you are the most hated in your school, where you work or among your peers, you can still spin the hands of the clock around to click towards your direction just like me and so many others. Let me tell a brief story about myself.

I am one of those guys that hardly make friends, my closest friends then were those that I grew up with in a small rugged area here in my country. They were those friends that I have met accidentally.

While so many of my peers will easily attract potential friends, hook up and be friends with other people so easily I had to try so hard to make people like me, be friends with me. Unfortunately, even if the friendship is eventually set up, it will die off because the friendship will lack the nutrition to grow and move forward. I have always being cowing around under my fa§ade of loneliness, had nobody to talk to and play with. Nobody was attracted to me I had to make friends blindly because I had no option.

As years flew by, I had to overcome my challenge so as to live a better, meaningful life, love and be loved by the people around me. Here is the 5 reasons why lovable people are being loved and cherished by the people around them:

They Are So Confident
Confidence is not being selfish, it is just trying to live a defined life, knowing what you want, going after it and never giving up until you achieve your goals. Being confident is also holding yourself in high esteem, love yourself, because you have to love yourself before you can attract people who will love you because they like the attributes you portray. Be yourself and never try to imitate others because you can only be the best when you are the best and original version of yourself.

They Have a Good Sense of Humor
With time I started getting the comment, €you are funny€ from people when I converse with them randomly. Lovable people have so many words up in their brain to turn any conversation of any type into a happy and memorable one for anybody they exchange words with. It will always make them popular among my peers, in school and everywhere that they step into my foot into.

They Listen To People
The best part of it, I started listening to people when they talk to me. I kept quite while they talk to me about themselves and their problems. I learnt a lot about people, and while I listen I evaluate on better ways to help them out.

They Take Other People’s Problems upon My Head
After listening to people talk to me about themselves and their problems, I will always tell them what I think will better their life and if it was a problem that needs solution, I will sleep with it, make it ruin my night sleep, I will always make sure that I help the individual solve the problem or at least refer the individual to a place that his/her problems will be solved. I helped people through my health, beauty and fitness blog, I engage people in conversations to council them on how to make their life a better one.

They Influence People Positively
I did not only help people out from their problems, I influenced them. To many kids, I became their role model, someone they will always look up to while making a sketch of their life plan for the future. I lived a corruption free life, a life free from greediness, lies, theft and every other bad things that can tarnish my image. Inasmuch as I can never be perfect in living a pure and clean life. I tried my best to at least minimize the number of bad things I do.

With time, parents started using me as an example to their children. I became the center of attraction in school, home, and among my peers. People will always be happy around me because I will always create a welcoming atmosphere around me.

If someone like me can do it, I believe you can. You need to see my past life, I have always being the villain in a place where I was supposed to be the hero. Things changed when I implemented this 5 life changing points into my life. Use it and you will experience the change I experienced.

9 Things Men Notice First About Women

Have you ever wondered about the things guys notice first about girls? Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straight-forward so it can be easy to find out what things guys notice first by watching them carefully each time they meet a woman. Check out a few interesting and even surprising things men notice first about women.

A beautiful smile is one of the things most men notice first in a woman. Smiling woman is considered to be much more attractive and approachable. She sends the signal of happiness and optimism. Thus, it’s much easier to start a conversation with a smiling woman. I know it’s not so surprising since everyone likes to look at a person with a beautiful smile. But men always feel confident and more masculine with a smiling woman. Moreover, smile is a very contagious thing: when you smile to someone it provokes the smile in return.
Numerous studies have proved that smile stimulates more positive reaction. When a man first meets a woman, he notices her nice and genuine smile. So, smile more often since you never know who may be falling in love with your beautiful smile. However, make sure your smile isn’t artificial. You should smile only when you feel like smiling. The true sign of a sincere and natural smile is typical wrinkles around our eyes. Moreover, all our appearance shows that we are happy and satisfied. Practice in front of a mirror to find out your most charming and magnificent smile to make him fall in love with you.

Another common thing men notice first about a woman is her eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul. They can tell us a lot about a person. It can be easy to find out if someone is lying to you or simply telling the truth. Eyes are real magnets that can attract and interest a stranger. Surveys have shown that nearly 70 % of men pay attention to woman’s eyes first and only then to everything else. Don’t believe that it’s chest that men firstly pay attention to! It’s always easier for men to compliment woman’s eyes since women respond very approvingly to compliments about their eyes rather than other parts of the body.
There is also another stereotype that men like women with large childish eyes. I would tell that correct make up will do the trick! Mascara, eye liner and nude shades will make your eyes more appealing! If you want to attract him, try to keep eye contact for a few seconds. This way, you will clearly understand if there are any chances to continue with your acquaintance.

Sure, men notice a woman’s beautiful and healthy hair. Trust me, all those hours spent in the hairdresser’s chair are not in vain. Most guys think that a stylish, healthy, shiny and sleek hair is a sign of health and youth. Also, you need to know that most men like to be with a woman with natural and soft hair that smells good too.
Although most men like a long hair on women, I know many women who wear bold colors and short hair cuts, and they look really awesome! I think men are just afraid of everything that looks unusual and striking. If you feel confident with your hair, don’t change it. Wear any color and length you like, but make sure your hairstyle suits you.

Weight is one of those things most men notice about women. It may sound shallow, but it actually makes sense. You’ve probably heard that men prefer women with curves, but you still catch evaluating glances on your thighs and legs. These glances can make you doubt that you’re beautiful. But, he’s not judging you, he’s just noticing.If you are starving yourself to death in order to be skinny, you can breathe with relief and quit it! Studies show that not all guys like skinny girls. So find your comfortable healthy weight and stick to it. Stop dieting! Eat healthy food, exercise and you will never have to bother about your weight. If he doesn’t like your body shape, don’t take it too personal. After all, a true love knows no barriers. If your crush doesn’t like your weight and he says it to you, he doesn’t deserve your time.

Perhaps you think that chest is the first thing guys notice when they meet a woman. But, you are wrong; guys are not as superficial as many women think. Numerous polls and surveys have shown that men notice a woman’s chest only after her smile and her eyes. Breasts are usually considered to be a sign of youth and fertility, and it’s one of the reasons why most men pay attention to woman’s chest.
However, tastes differ. What is beautiful for one man is uninviting for another. Thus, do not worry about your breasts. Just wear appropriate underwear, and consider doing weight-lifting exercises.

How fake are you?
Men also notice how fake women are. If you have hair extensions, fake eyelashes and nails, he will definitely notice it. For most men, fake means high maintenance and large expense. While fake eyelashes might draw his eye, he won’t like them. If you want to get the guy you like, make sure you look natural. Learn to conceal your drawbacks and show your beauty without looking like a doll. Choose light foundations, nude shades and pink blushes. Instead of hair extensions, opt for a good quality volume shampoo and volume styling products.

Okay, it is not a surprise for you, I know. Most men love slim legs and this is another thing they notice about women. In summertime legs are one of the greatest attractions that a woman possesses. Calves are another thing men love about our legs. They love the way our legs look in skirt and shorts. They love the way we cross our legs and they love to admire our knees. Despite the wide-spread stereotype about slim girls, men really love strong hips! They give a signal of your fertility and femininity.
If you don’t have long legs, don’t worry. Make sure you provide your legs with good treatment and any guy will notice them. I moisturize my legs each day and take care of my pedicure every other week. I don’t have long legs, but my partner says that my legs are more beautiful than long ones.

Most men also pay attention to the way a woman’s skin looks. Numerous surveys have showed that a man sees a good complexion as a sure sign of health. Most men think that a woman with a healthy-looking complexion is healthy and she can produce healthy offspring.
In order to attract a man, your skin should be soft and smooth. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin in the morning and before bed. Never sleep with your makeup on and don’t forget about exfoliating. Moreover, make sure you get enough sleep and reduce your stress levels.

Dressing style
Probably, it’s a surprising thing but most men do notice a woman’s dressing style. A recent study has found that most men prefer a classy dresser to a woman who shows too much of her skin. Men love some mystery about women, but half-naked body reveals all the secrets. A great sense of style can tell a lot about you, keep it in mind! Your perfume and makeup tell about your taste. Your heels and accessories reveal your lifestyle and sophistication. Your outfit shows your confidence and attitude to life. Don’t think that men are not aware of fashion and trends. They do notice everything. If needed, improve your sense of style to look and feel more confident.
In fact, there are many things most men usually notice in a woman, so can you add any other things to this list? What do you think of this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section, please.

New Years Resolutions For Best Friends

It’s that time of year again. Time to make a list of the things you’d like to achieve this year, things to make you a better person in body and spirit. But, if you’re struggling to come up with your own resolutions, why not make this the year that you become a better friend? Forget the workouts and diets, it’s time to get in tip-top shape as a mate. If you’re the type of person who always calls days after your friend’s birthday or forget to buy a gift until the last-minute try following these five simple steps to become a more organised and valued person.

STEP 1: First you have to ‘remember the date’. That’s right. No more receiving a last-minute Facebook message saying that it’s your friend’s birthday TODAY. Or, even worse, finding out when they mention it weeks after the fact. Try getting a bit of structure back in your life with some of the amazing organisation and reminder apps currently on the market. Evernote, Awesome Note & Timeful are just some of the hundreds of apps that you can use to set up reminders and alerts.

So, call up all of your friends and family and ask them when their birthday is. Then, open up your app and add the date in. If you can find out the person’s birth year and any other information (address, hobbies, favourite colour) add that in too. If you receive any information about events or anniversaries from here on in it all gets recorded in the app and you look like the best listener ever.

STEP 2: Next you need to set up a reminder for each of these events approximately one month before the actual date. Make sure you set an alarm for a month before the date and give your friend a phone call. Disguised in your caring phone call will be many covert questions about what the person on the other end has been up to. This is an information reconnaissance mission to find out what the person is interested in and you mustn’t come right out and ask ‘what would you like for your birthday?’ That will ruin the surprise later on. Not only will you gather information for your surprise, you’ll also find out a bit more about the person you’re speaking to and probably make your their day for listening.

STEP 3: Armed with this new information you can now set your mind to the perfect gift. Did your friend mention they had been camping? Perhaps they love horses? Now, not everyone can afford to buy a horse as a gift but you can get creative. For example, if they own a horse you can buy some nice grooming products. Or, a painting of a horse or even a horse ride! Your friend will be super impressed that you cared enough to not only remember their birthday and buy a gift but also listen during the conversation you had one month prior to their special day.

STEP 4: During your reconnaissance phone call you should aim to find out what your friend thinks is a really good night out. Is it a movie at home, a dinner out or a wild all night party? Don’t get them mixed up or plan for something you’d prefer because all you’ll do is make your mate miserable or bored. So, get your planning hat on and organise their special night. If your best mate is quite social then you obviously want to get friends and family involved. You could even organise a surprise party. Whatever you’re planning make sure you put some thought into it. If your mate likes ‘Game Of Thrones’ then have a dress up party where everyone comes as characters from the show.

STEP 5: Turn it up a notch! Don’t forget balloons and flowers. Make a real event of their special day. Everyone will have a great time and your mate will feel like a King or Queen! Great, life-long friendships will be forged and you’ll have some fun memories. And, who knows… maybe they’ll return the favour.